Part of UNIDO’s mission is to foster synergies and form natural links between its projects. By tackling the same thematic issues from different perspectives, we yield results that complement each other and help move forward more effectively.

UNIDO is committed to a policy agenda that promotes gender equality for achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID), with PWE – “Promoting Women’s Empowerment for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development in the MENA Region”- being its flagship project.

The PWE II was designed in 2018 in collaboration with FAO and UN Women and was launched in March 2019 with funds contributed by the Government of Italy.

The project seeks to enhance women’s economic inclusion and promote sustainable and inclusive growth by harnessing the great potential of women entrepreneurs within the region.

The project’s holistic and inclusive approach aims at addressing the issues faced by women entrepreneurs – and aspiring entrepreneurs – at macro, meso and micro levels, creating thus favorable conditions for sustainable growth through the development of female entrepreneurship.

Together we are supporting the empowerment of women: from policy and advocacy to advancing women’s rights, to providing specific technical support to female beneficiaries to improve their productive practices and expand their economic opportunities.

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