LevelUP – Advancing Jordanian Industries is a United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) multi-component project aiming at creating decent job opportunities for women and youth – including through self-employment, – and supporting the inclusive and sustainable industrial development of the country in accordance with the Jordan 2025 Economic Development Plan.

Watch the Masterclasses videos (Design Thinking; Circular Economy) and know more about the LevelUP Accelerator program.

Time & Date:    Jul 8, 2021, 11:00 AM (Amman)

June 2024


Beatrice Verez

Environmental Specialist - UNIDO

Beatrice Verez holds a BSc. in International Relations from the London School of Economics and a MSc. in Environmental Governance from the University of Freiburg. She specialises in climate finance, circular economy and green public procurement, working for various consultancies before joining UNIDO to work on private sector development with a specific focus on women and youth across Africa and the MENA region.

Elisabetta Vignando

International Marketing Expert - UNIDO

Elisabetta Vignando is a trade and industrial development advisor. With over 25 years of experience,as business development manager, largely spent in an international environment, she has developed the capacity and enthusiasm for working in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual setting. Elisabetta Vignando has led (in public and private sectors) the development and promoted the implementation of innovative industrial and trade policies and strategies.

Anas Alshanti

UX Designer / Entrepreneur - Fundlify Crowdfunding

With 20 years of professional UX/UI Design & Branding experience, Anas is the founder of Fundlify crowdfunding platform, the first Split Crowdfunding process model. He is also the creator of a Shopify official payment gateway (currently used by over 630 active merchants) and the creator of the first e-commerce cross-border marketplace solution in partnership with Pitney Bowes - ClearPath. Anas has also served as a judge at the Webby Awards (International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences IADAS), and has won four Honoree Webby Awards in digital media & mobile applications.