LevelUP Accelerator program

The Levelup Accelerator supports entrepreneurs, innovators, SMEs, start-ups and organizations to build game-changing and successful business models to enter global markets. We promote a community of motivated young women and men who see an inclusive and sustainable digital transition as the starting point to enter the global markets, acquire knowledge and share personal stories and experience of digital transformation.

The Design Thinking management process is our beacon for creating human-centred products, services, solutions, and experiences for attracting talents, customers and investors.

The program is built around a 5 gates’ selection process in which entrepreneurs, SMEs and organizations will benefit from a fully-fledged acceleration program including industry-immersion internships and fundraising boot camps experiences in Jordan and in Europe.

  1.  Call for Applications, Master classes and Trainings open to everyone as a part of awareness raising Open Days.
  2. Think Digital E-learning Training Program will deliver webinars and offer e-learning courses on advanced principles of digital innovation, design thinking process and change management
  3.  Incubation and Scale-up Program consists of two sub-gates– one targeting aspiring entrepreneurs through IDEA App digital incubator, and one for mature SMEs
  4. Seed to Grow Program includes an industry-immersion experience in some of the leading companies in Europe and fundraising boot camps to scale business models and access seed funds
  5. Go Global Program will digitalize business expansion internationally
    to facilitate export or set up overseas operations The LevelUP Accelerator will award the top 10 inspiring entrepreneurs with the title of the Champions of Digital Change.

Who is eligible to apply?

Fashion designers, craftspeople, manufacturers of garments, natural cosmetics and food supplements, aspiring entrepreneurs, export consortia members, NGOs and Innovation Hubs, and many others.

What are the benefits for the Champions of Digital Change?

  • An academic certificate issued by a leading international accelerator and UNIDO
  • In-kind grants for 10 Champions of Digital Change
  • Access to seed funds
  • Knowledge of business management processes
  • Digital skills to access global markets
  • Work experience with leading corporates in Europe
  • Prototype products and/or services
  • Access to e-commerce platforms to foster trade globally

Who selects candidates?

Runners of Sustainable Development – experienced digital leaders coming from different business background, academia, non-profit organizations, financial institutions etc.

What are the selection criteria?

  • Strategy & vision
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Financial impact
  • Growth potential
  • Consolidated approach to the digital ecosystem
  • Economic and social sustainability impact

The Accelerator it is designed to jump-start a promising digital entrepreneurial journey for innovators and foster access global market opportunities. Every gate of the program offers an assessment of entrepreneurs’ business needs, training, and one-on-one technical assistance in developing their businesses and applying for financing.

Gate 1: Call for Applications and Open Days

The call for Champions of Digital Change is open from the 6th of June 2021 to End of July 2021. Applicants may apply to the Call and benefit from the entire LevelUP Accelerator program or alternatively apply for specific modules of technical assistance as described under Gates 2-3-4-5.

Gate 2: Think Digital

 The Think Digital E-learning Training Program delivers courses on advanced principles of digital innovation, design thinking process and change management in cooperation with leading national and international partners.

Gate 3: Incubation and Scale-up

The digital program offers a fully-fledged digital incubation experience through highly structured and qualitative business development trainings and one-to-one mentoring. By working with a team of outstanding trainers, you will deepen your business planning strategy by benefiting from virtual coaching sessions with business mentors and change makers. Learn More

LevelUP Award Ceremony

The top 10 entrepreneurs who successfully completed gates 1-3 of the LevelUP Accelerator will be awarded the title Champions of Digital Change. Armed with their entrepreneurial vision, LevelUP Champions will bring their ideas to compete, grow and thrive on the global markets. The award promotes a vibrant entrepreneurship community by offering an array of business skills development training, incubation, mentoring and industrial acceleration paths in Jordan and in Europe.

Gate 4: Seed to Grow

As Champions of Digital Change you will benefit from an in-kind grant to cover the following activities:

  • An industry-immersion experience that will take place in some of the leading companies in Europe and/or Jordan.
  • Fundraising boot camp organized in cooperation with leading venture capitalists to scale the business models and access to seed funds.
  • Networking events, i.e Investor Days and Corporate Days organized in partnership with financial institutions, international traders and potential buyers.

 Gate 5: Go Global

As Champions of Digital Change you will benefit from joint agreements with leading e-commerce players to access target countries, increase your deals and double-digit their sales. Through online sales, enterprises will improve their business performance and reap the e-commerce benefits such as: develop their own niche offering and distinguish themselves from competitors, access to new technologies, increase efficiency of operations by enhancing interaction between business and customers.