Industrial Intelligence Observatory IIO

IIO is a computerized, statistical database to track the performance of the industrial sector and thus support evidence-based policy making process in Jordan. To address the data needs of policy making, the Observatory is designed to provide different perspectives on examining industrial development including production, employment, and productivity. It is tailored to meet the specific needs of the policy making in Jordan, taking advantage of Jordan’s 10+ years of on-going annual industry surveys. The IIO

  •  embraces other countries, especially those in the MENA region as well as showing the regional development situation in Jordan itself whenever data are available.
  •  demonstrates the progress of women’s empowerment in the region
  •  serves as a powerful analytical tool to aid researchers and policymakers
  • acts as a communication channel between the global industrial databases: UNIDO has interlinked the observatory with the OECD to include Jordan in its databases related to TiVA.* (hover explainer on TiVA)
  • supplies the necessary data and will also contribute to convey the message of how data really talks to support evidence-based policy making in the region.
  • evaluates the quality and efficiency of the input data by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the national industrial databases that are currently in use.